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peel remote

Revolutionize your home entertainment experience with this app from Peel Technologies. Peel Smart Remote combines the universal remote and television listings into one convenient app. This software utility uses the IR blaster of your device to regulate your TV and other home appliances. Alternatively, WiFi also can be wont to control a couple of supported devices.

Like most smart remote apps, Peel Smart Remote uses an infrared blaster, also referred to as IR blaster, to regulate all electronics. IR blaster may be a smartphone sensor found in devices that emulates remotes of electronics, sort of a TV or A.C remote.

When you download and install Peel Smart Remote, you’ll get a sensible remote that’s easy to line up and straightforward to use. you simply got to confirm your location, choose your TV provider, and pair the app with all of your home electronics. then you simply need to use one remote for various devices.

But the app doesn’t end with just physically controlling your TV, AC, and other appliance. Peel Smart Remote also offers a comprehensive TV guide, which helps you select between different genre shows and episodes. With the app, you’ll search for trending shows or see your recently watched episodes. you’ll even get information about the shows you’re following, also as personalized recommendations.