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hancom office editor

Hancom Office (Hancom Space) is an office application that permits you to look at and edit documents created by Hancom Office or Microsoft Office easily on multiple mobile devices. it’s fully compatible with Microsoft Office documents and delivers a PC-like user experience found in Hancom Office for Windows.

Without check-in on Hancom Space, you’ll view most sorts of documents, including HWP and PDF. If you would like to use all editing features and functionality, please subscribe to our service on a monthly or yearly basis on Hancom Space. Subscription is often made within Hancom Office without installing the Hancom Space application separately and a subscriber can experience a fully-featured Hancom Office right away!

* Without login to Hancom Space, Hancom Office works as a viewer only, and other cloud services are unavailable.

* After log in to Hancom Space, other cloud services are available.

* After subscription to Hancom Space, Hancom Office works as an editor.