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With Flash Score, you’ll not miss one goal. Just choose your favorite matches, teams, or players in each of the 6000+ competitions we cover. Our announcements will then allow you to know every important moment of the match.


• WIDE COVERAGE: In our application, you’ll find football, tennis, basketball, hockey, rugby, and 33 other sports. We cover 6000+ competitions from around the world – you’ll watch 1200+ football competitions!

• SPEED: Whether a goal is scored, a red card is awarded, the top of a group, or a 3rd, you’ll know at an equivalent time because of the live audience.


• FAVORITE TEAMS AND MATCHES: Don’t waste time and just watch your favorite matches, teams, and competitions.

• ANNOUNCEMENTS: Start of the match, line-up, goals – you’ll not miss any of it. Just select your favorite matches and await your mobile device to provide you with a warning.

• SYNCHRONIZATION: does one often switch between PC, mobile, and tablet? We are ready for it. The registered user has his settings and data available on all his devices.


• LIVE COMMENT: Can’t watch the match on TV? No problem: stay within the picture with our detailed live text commentary.

• TEAMS AND MATCHES: does one got to know the teams before the beginning of the match? we’ve them beforehand. And also the history of mutual matches, so you’ll check how within the past both teams played against one another.

• LIVE TABLES: One goal can change tons. Our live tables will show you if the goal scored changed the position within the league, also because of the current table of shooters.

• MATCH AND RECAPITULATION REPORTS: Numbers are important, but they do not say everything. For this reason, you’ll find an in-depth preview of every match within the hottest leagues – also as post-match reports.