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camp pinewood game

Camp Pinewood is an erotic dating app that’s funded via Patreon and is that the work of only one dude! once you see how polished this game is that the incontrovertible fact that it’s made by only one person makes it even more impressive. the important point of this game over the million other dating sims is that you simply are going to be trying to urge it on with a number of the most well-liked and most well-known animated ladies of all time.

The gameplay on offer here is really quite fun and easy. It works to a sort of some extent and clicks the design of the game. you’ll get on a screen, let’s say the surface of a cabin for instance and here you’ll click doors, another location, or something, then you’ll have a group of options.

The most part of the sport is trying to bang as many of the characters as you’ll. you are doing this by building up your relationship with the women. you’ll do that by lecturing them, doing jobs for them, and when the time is true flirting with them. the sport has been great at adding new content, not just girls, but also expanding the dialogue trees to expand the sport and make it feel more whole. it’s also my understanding that the still XXX images are getting to get replaced by animated ones at some point.


The game looks great
Some of your favorite animated characters are here
There is more gameplay than you’d think
The game is usually updated
It is very impressive how it’s made by only one person